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GAP analysis

Every organization have some existing system to drive safety, even though incidents being happened, non compliances arise during audit etc. To address the same, we do GAP analysis through process study of the unit / part thereof to find out the facts / gaps with suggestive measures. Compliance of which will help to improve the work environment of organization.

Preparation of Legal Register

Statutory compliances are non negotiable because for the same legal consequences, media involvement, market / brand image will affect.
So we will help you to trace out all the statutory requirements related to SHE applicable for the organization in a listed document with a tracker sheet for compliance. (Responsibility, frequency, Forms etc.)

Risk Assessment

All we know that, Risk assessment is the base for safety compliances at site. We do the same with Identification of hazards related to each activities carried out and preparation of Risk assessment register/ lists along with Risk control measures to eliminate / minimize the Risk level.

SOP’s /SMP’s / Work Instructions (WI)

To carryout any activity safely, we know that SOP, SMP, WI are must at the site of work. So we do prepare Standard or Safe Operating Procedure / Standard or Safe Maintenance Procedure / Work Instructions related to specific activities in (English/ Hindi / Odia language) which can easily understood by the employee to perform his / her activities safely.

Visual SOP’s /SMP’s / WI’s and Do’s / Don’ts

We know that, Visual aids can be an important part of conveying our message effectively and people understood more by seeing rather than hearing. So to address the same we prepare display material for SOP’s / Do’s and Don’ts in boards / wall paintings which can easily understood by the employee to perform his / her activity safely.

Qualified & Trained resources (Industrial Safety/ Fire)

We provide qualified (PDIS) and trained safety professionals for safety Stewart/ executive / officer under direct role or under our role to comply the day to day safety activities of the organization.
We provide qualified and trained firemen / fire supervisor / officer under direct role or under our role to check and maintain the fire fighting system with regular onsite training with drills to upkeep the employees ready for emergency situations.

Training on SHE

• We review the training requirements as per the activities carried out along with the Risk assessment and do prepare respective training modules.
• Conduct specific SHE audio visual trainings at site with pre, post assessment, quiz and feedback. (ex. General safety, Chemical safety, Electrical safety, Fire safety, Work Permit system, Material handling, Logistic safety, Behavior Based Safety, Environmental Safety, General First-aid, Yoga etc.)

SHE Awareness Programs / Campaigns

Awareness is the key for any cultural change.

No need to worry about high budget, employee involvement on banner design, printing, follow up, event organizing etc. Now we are ready to do the same in a complete package for you.

We prepare site specific campaign modules and conduct awareness programs includes information gallery, competitions, demos, role plays, situational safety games with instant quiz etc. related to specific programs (Ex. Road Safety week, National Safety week, Fire Safety Day, World Environment Day, Chemical Disaster Day, Blood donation camp, Health camp, Eye check up camp etc.)

Safety Management Documentation

To recognize a brand on the Safety aspects we need to certify us by ISO certification. In this regards, we help to Prepare documents (Procedure, SOP, Check lists etc.) related to safety management system as applicable for the organization for day to day compliance and support for ISO certification.

Fire and Emergency

On site Emergency Action Plan – We do prepare On-site emergency action plan for the organization as per the Factories Act and State Factories Rule.

Fire Survey / Fire load Study – We conduct Fire survey , Fire load safety & compliance related to fire NOC.

Mock drills / Fire drills – We conduct emergency drills by qualified professionals at sites with training / practical demonstration, evaluation and report submission along with suggestive measures.

Contractor Safety Management System (CSMS)

We provide and maintain Complete CSMS solution for all the Contractors / Vendors working inside the organization. (Ex. Access card, Safety Induction, Tool box talks, Risk assessment, M/c and equipment fitness with tagging, performance review, safe contractor / supervisor recognition etc.)

Logistic Safety Management System (LSMS)

We provide and maintain Complete LSMS solution for all the transporters vehicles involved / playing inside the organization. (Ex. Driver inspection, Vehicle inspection, Safety Induction, Tool box talks, Journey Risk assessment, transporter performance review, safe driver, safe transporter recognition etc.)

PPE booth

We manage PPE booths at plant and sites with specific PPE’s along with displays for their use (ex. Shoes, helmet, reflective jacket, Driver batch etc.) , train the manpower and maintained them to comply the PPE requirement at gate entry for visitors/drivers/transporters etc.


All we know the importance of energy isolation and if not the consequences. To address the same, we do LOTO survey and implementation at plant / sites with specific Lock and Tag along with procedure & displays for their use.

Safety Software & Reporting Modules

Now in this digital generation to address the reporting, responsibility & timeline for compliance etc. on your screen or mobile phone, we do prepare Safety / reporting software as per site specific and user friendly.

First-aid center / OHC center manning / Health check up

We provide qualified, certified and trained manning with equipments, ambulance van to operate the Occupational Health Center / First-aid center at plant / project sites.

We tied up with hospitals for doing Statutory / periodic health check up of employees at site.

Road Safety Compliances

We provide Road safety compliances like trained Traffic marshal, Road marking (walkway, Zebra, vehicle parking etc.), Road Safety displays, Road Safety trainings & campaigns.

Height Safety Compliances

We provide Height safety solution, Fall protection system (Horizontal and vertical lifeline systems along with SOPs and SMPs) Height Safety trainings & campaigns.